Member Review: Ann of Green Gables

Ann of Green Gables is a timeless classic book that was written in1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have read this book as a teenager and again for this blog. It pulls you in as you read of the beauty, details that make you feel as if you are right there. The location is rural Prince Edward Island in Canda. Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert is a brother and sister who lives on a small farm that is their childhood home. They are getting older now and is thinking about getting a boy from an orphanage in Novia Scotia to help on the farm. Matthew goes to the train station to pick up the child instead of a boy waiting for him. It’s a skinny, red-headed girl. She’s dressed very shabbily. He asked the station master if there was a little boy he said no that he was told the little girl brought off the train by a Mrs. Spencer said she was being adopted by you and your sister. Matthew decides to take her home to Green Gables to talk things over with his sister Marilla. The girl’s name is Ann and she talks to Matthew all the way home. Matthew is a very quiet man so he was glad that Ann was doing all the talking  Well when they arrived at Green Gables which is located outside of a small town named Avonlea. Marilla was waiting so you can only imagine what shock it was when she saw Ann instead of a little boy. After Matthew explained Marrilla allows Ann to stay the night.

Matthew likes Ann and gets Marilla to let her stay. He says that she can help Marilla do the chores and she would be company for her. Marilla is afraid because she has never been around children much and she had never married but, she agrees to give it her best effort. If you think this is going to be a boring read. Think again this is not little Orphan Annie this has more to offer like She makes friends with Diana Barry, Jane Andrews, and Ruby Gilles. That ‘s not all she keeps getting into trouble, not on purpose but nevertheless, she falls off the roof after walking on it when she accepts a dare, she accidentally dyes her hair green. Was Marilla shocked? you have to read the book I am only giving you a few highlights and read what happened when she by mistake gives Diana wine instead of cordial when she spends a night with her. Oops!!

You will have to read the book cause I have left out a lot of details on purpose. You will be laughing out loud at some of the things that happen to Ann in this book. From going to school and hitting a boy name Gilbert Blyth over the head when he yanks her braids and called her Carrots. Only his pride got hurt. I will not say whether or not a romance or friendship started here. Anne does finish school. The end is a little sad but it all works out. There is film also if you like the book.

Reviewed by Kathy W.


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A Member Review: Not Becoming My Mother

Not becoming my mother. This book is written by a well-known author Ruth Reichl and for those who may not be familiar with her one of those books is Tender to the Bone. She also had a cooking show on television at one time. This is a book about her mother Miriam Burdno. Whose diaries she finds in the basement of her house. So on the one-hundredth birthday of  Miriam her mother. She decides she will write a book to try and reconcile the crazy and difficult woman that had raised her. Miriam was a accomplished woman who spent her entire life trying to find a career that she was suited for. The reason for this was because she was born in an era where women were expected to marry and have children to just stay home. Miriam was bored out of her mind. She was not good at cooking or cleaning the house. You will have to read what she fixed her Brownie Troop one time when she forgot to fix  a snack for their weekly meeting. I am surprised that all of them didn’t have to end up at a hospital.

Unlike her mother, Ruth became a successful cook and an author of several books She would have made her mother very happy knowing that she found a career she loved. Ruth also married and had children. So if you are at a fork in the road maybe you should read this book you can find a few helpful hints on how to find yourself or direction to find that career or how to be happy at what you have achieved already Cause this book is funny but yet serious too.

Review by Kathy W.

A Member Review: Death of a Perfect Wife

Death of a Perfect Wife is written by M.C. Beaton. It is A Hamish Macbeth Mystery.

Trixie (Alexandria) Thomas is the perfect wife. Because of her efforts to change the lives of those around her, she was poisoned with arsenic. I feel like I have left a detail or two out. She convinced the women to ban smoking. Don’t even get me started on dandelion coffee. Her husband put arsenic in a cake in a box under his bed for her to eat. I enjoyed reading this book.  

Reviewed by Sharon S.

A Member Review: The Hummingbird House

The Hummingbird House by Donna Ball is a book reading group selection. Why? Very simply, it comes with questions.

I am recommending a book that took forever and a day to read. This does not mean that it is dry. The story had tendrils growing everywhere. It took patience to read how they were connected. There is also this. I did not want to rush reading it.

Do I believe in coincidence? Or is everything, as this story suggests, simply a thread in the tapestry of life? I am left with the realization that there is some truth is this. This is how the tendrils are woven together.

We all need to have the courage to face whatever it is that has us bound. If we face our problems with a sense of humor, we will be better for it.

When I think of all that was learned in this book, I am amazed.

Reviewed by Sharon S.

A Member Review: A Single Shard

A Single Shard is a Newberry Medal Award book that is written by Linda Sue Park. This story takes place in the twelfth century Korea in a small town named Ch”ulpo. An orphan boy who is about twelve years old whose parents died from a fever when he was two years  His name is Tree-ear to me was a rather odd name. It means that a mushroom grows without a parent place. In this book, there are other unusual names such as Crane-man. He is a handicapped man who has a lame leg and uses a crutch. So many people gave him the name. The two lives under a bridge. Yes, I said a bridge. They are so poor that they can not afford a house. They can not afford even food. Crane-man teaches Tree Ear how to salvage food by going through garbage dumps and what they can find in the forest. Which they live close to. There are very little but, they never complain. Crane-man teaches Tree-Ear to be honest not to steal no matter how little they have.

Tree-Ear has one passion and that’s how to make pottery he watches the men in the small village especially Min. He is very slow at making his pieces of pottery but he is very good at what he does. One day while Tree Ear watches he does secretly so Min doesn’t find out he watches him. Min goes into the house for lunch. Once he is out of sight Tree Ear goes in to get a closer look at the beautiful pieces when he sees an unusual box he is looking at it closely and loses track of time. Suddenly Min is yelling at him. Startled Tree – drops the box.

He explains why he was looking that he would never steal that Crane-man has taught better than that. Tree-Ear tells Min he will work for him nine days to pay for the box. Then several things happen. I will not tell what other than that Tree-Ear thought he would ask Min to teach him the trade of learning how to do pottery making himself. He is very disappointed Min tells him he can not since the craft is handed down from father to son.

Do you think that stops Tree-Ear from persuading his dream? Well, I will say that only stops him temporarily. The king is about to send a royal emissary to the small village to find the best pottery maker. That would be a great honor for any potter maker to be chosen. Including he would be a lot richer.  Min has always wanted to be that pottery maker that was chosen but, he has never been given that honor. but this time things are about to change not only for Min but Tree-and Crane Man. You will be surprised by the ending. This is historical fiction but, some of the facts are true. When you are finished look up some of these pieces of art There are references in the book. See if you are not impressed by the beauty. The time it took to make these. Tree-ear never gives up on his dream and finds a way for them to come true.

Reviewed by Kathy W.

A Member Review

This book is written by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown. This is one is in a series which features “Mary Minor Haristeen better know as “Harry”.Her three constant and loyal pets. Mrs. Murphy the tiger cat, Tee Tucker a corgi, and Pewter, a large round gray cat. Harry  Harry lives in Crozet Virginia. She is really known to her friends and family to always coming across a mystery. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she’s not able to rest until she solves it therefore, the animals help her to solve these mysteries but, she not sure how they do it.

This mystery is one that will keep you up at night trying to guess what’s going to happen next. This is about a cold case in which twenty years or more a teacher named Mrs. Donleavey went missing. Right after a football game which the home team won. She was never seen since. What happened to her where did she go? Is she still alive? No one knows or do they? That’s not the only surprise that is about to happen. Several severed fingers are about to be found. Some at the office in the St. Cyril’s church. Could these be Mrs. Donleavey? Or is there still more to this mystery that only by you reading this book for yourself be solved. Make sure your doors are locked. Cause you won’t be able to put this book down.

This is written by Kathy M. Wilson a book club member

The House of Unexpected Sister: A Member Review

The House of Unexpected Sister by Alexander McCall Smith


I will start with this thought. It takes time and maturity to appreciate this gentle mystery series. Around 20 years ago, I read one of this series. I am talking about The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.  I will gather my thoughts about this book.


Precious discovers she has an unexpected sister. Because of what was printed under a newspaper picture, she is heartbroken because her “daddy” fathered Mingie before her mother died. Her happiness returns when she learns of Mingie’s correct age. 


I have come to love this gentle mystery. It is about life, both good and bad. Learning to forgive is the hardest lesson. This eliminates bitterness. 

Reviewed by Sharon S.

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much: A Member Review

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much is by Donna Andrews. It is A Meg Langslow Mystery.

I love the title of this book. It grabbed my attention. 

What makes this book special is the backgroung story. It is not so much the murder. 

Even though, Meg gets a broken leg because the murderer shoved into a trench in her side yard.Don’ forget Miss Lola, the bobcat.

If you enjoy reading, check out this book.

Reviewed by Sharon S.